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Memo for AFNLP Executive Meeting at ACL-IJCNLP 2009, Singapore

Date: 7:00-8:30, August 4, 2009
Location: M205 Suntec Conference Room


  • AFNLP Officers (4):
    • 1. President: Choi, Key-Sun
    • 2. Vice President: Su, Keh-Yih
    • 3. Secretary General: Isahara, Hitoshi
    • 4. Hon Treasurer: Huang, Chu-Ren
  • AFNLP Ex-Officers (2):
    • 5. Wong, Kam-Fai
    • 6. T¡¯sou, Benjamin
  • Subcommittee Chairs (4):
    • 7. CCC Chair: Matsumoto, Yuji
    • 8. ALRC Chair: Sornlertlamvanich, Virach
    • 9. CLC Chair: Li, Haizhou
    • 10. NCAC Chair: Tsujii, Jun¡¯ichi
  • Others (3):
    • 11. ACL liaison member to AFNLP: Ng, Hwee Tou
    • 12. Sangal, Rajeev
    • 13. Zong, Chengqing

Agenda and Conclusions

  • Report from the officers
    • President: Choi, Key-Sun
    • Vice President: Su, Keh-Yih
    • Secretary General: Isahara, Hitoshi
    • Hon Treasurer: Huang, Chu-Ren (Slide 1-1)

Standard procedure for spending, validating and claiming AFNLP funds.
The bank account stays at CUHK

Kam-Fai will serve as the bursar/cashier. All claims must be validate properly before sending to him for record keeping and for reimbursement

Hon. Treasurer will be in charge of accounting, and perhaps some actual purchases; but not part of the validation process.

All expenses must be pre-approved by the president of the vice president, treasurer could help acquisition locally.

  • ACL/IJCNLP-09 General Chair Report (Slide 1-2)
  • President Report (Slide 1-3)
    - Possible Work Items
  • Conferences
    • COLING 2010
    • IJCNLP 2011
    • LREC 2011 (Jointly with IJCNLP)
    • ACL 2012 (in Asia-Pacific)

We will discuss more about IJCNLP/LREC.
Thailand is interested in hosting it, especially IJCNLP.

  • Others

Condolence on Prof. Tanaka¡¯s passed away will be presented at the closing session of ACL/IJCNLP2009.

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