Memo for AFNLP Executive Meeting at IJCNLP-08


Date: Breakfast, January 9, 2008

Location: Private Dinning Room, ISB, Hyderabad, India

Organizer: Keh-Yih Su

Draft Version: Keh-Yih Su (1/23/2008 11:44 AM)


I.           PARTICIPANTS LIST (total 7 persons attend the breakfast meeting)

(A) AFNLP Officers (3):

1. AFNLP President: Jun’ichi Tsujii

2. AFNLP Vice President: Key-Sun Choi (Absent)

3. AFNLP Secretary General: Keh-Yih Su

4. AFNLP Honorary Treasurer: Kai-Fai Wong

(B) Committee Chairs (3):

1. AFNLP-CCC Chair: Yuji Matsumoto

2. AFNLP-ALRC Chair: Takenobu Tokunaga (Absent)

3. AFNLP-CLC Chair: Haizhou Li

4. AFNLP-NCAC Chair: Benjamin Tsou

(C) IJCNLP-08 Local Organizing Co-chair: Rajeev Sangal


II.        Agenda and Conclusions:

1. Report from the officers of the last term:

(1) Past President: Benjamin Tsou

(2) Past Vice President: Jun’ichi Tsujii

(3) Past Secretary General: Keh-Yih Su

(4) Past Honorary Treasurer: Kai-Fai Wong


Conclusion: The treasurer will set up an AFNLP account in Hong Kong .


2. IJCNLP-08 Report: Rajeev Sangal

Conclusion: The AFNLP-CCC chair should organize a post-conference feedback meeting  after each IJCNLP conference.

3. ACL/IJCNLP-09 Report: Haizhou Li

4. Goal and Plan for 2008: Jun’ichi Tsujii

Conclusion: Reach out to contact more societies. Current list (designated person to contact is listed within parentheses) includes: COLING (Jun’ichi Tsujii), LREC (Benjamin Tsou), SIGIR (Kai-Fai Wong), Oriental COCOSDA (Haizhou Li), AAMT  (Jun’ichi Tsujii), Web related societies (Key-Sun Choi), China (Benjamin Tsou).

5. Exchange the liaison member with ACL: Keh-Yih Su

Conclusion: Agree to exchange the liaison member with ACL, and Keh-Yih Su will contact ACL secretary for further arrangement.

6. Specify and document AFNLP Officer Duties: Keh-Yih Su

Conclusion: Will be implemented by each officer.

7. Specify and document Committee Chairs Responsibilities and Time-Tables: Keh-Yih Su

Conclusion: Will be implemented by each committee chair.

8. Change constitution to elect Secretary General and Honorary Treasurer: Keh-Yih Su

Conclusion: Further discussion will be conducted in the next term.

9. Maintain "Database of Recommended Asia NLP Related Researchers“: Keh-Yih Su

Conclusion: Form a committee to maintain this database, and keep it under AFNLP web-site.

10. Issues for promoting the Federation: Jun’ichi Tsujii

Conclusion: Newsletters will be issued by AFNLP-CLC.  

Conclusion: Schedule and milestones of those actions planned above will be monitored by

                         the secretary general.


III.     Reports

1. AFNLP President Report: Jun’ichi Tsujii (08E1)

2. AFNLP Honorary Treasurer Report: Kai-Fai Wong (08E3)

3. Summary for exchanging Liaison Member with ACL: Keh-Yih Su (08E6)

4. ACL/IJCNLP-09 Report: Haizhou Li (08C2)