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Minutes of the AFNLP 2013 Combined Executive and Board Meeting

1. Present:

* Yuji Matsumoto (President)
* Kam-Fai Wong (Vice President, Chair of Conference Coordinating Committee; AFNLP liaison member to ACL; AIRS)
* Francis Bond (Secretary)
* Satoshi Sekine (Member-at-large)
* Haizhou Li (Past Secretary; COLIPS)
* Timothy Baldwin (Member-at-large)
* Min Zhang (Member-at-large)
* Pushpak Bhattacharya (Chair of Asian Language Resources Committee)
* Hiromi Nakaiwa (AAMT; ANLP)
* Jing-Shin Chiang (ACLCLP)
* Tedhu Uli for Hammam Risa (ILT-RC)
* Keh-Yih Su (Chinese Taipei Region)
* Virach Sornlertlamvanich (Honorary Treasurer; Thailand Region)

2. Accounts:

* Kai-Fam reported that we have roughly 500K HKD (64k USD)
ACTION: Transfer this to COLIPS (Virach will email the COLIPS treasurer)
ACTION: Kam-Fai to send template requesting money to Yuji, who then sends it to him
ACTION: Virach to check accounts and discuss spending protocol with COLIPS

3. Reports:

ALR report (slides: Pushpak)
* maybe add resources to the ACL Wiki? (Francis)
ACTION link ACL wiki to AFNLP page; request regions to update (Francis)

SIG report (slides: Haizhou)
* ACL has shadow accounts for SIGs which have proved useful (Tim)
* Haizhou, this would be useful.
Transliteration report
* this year mainly developing corpora
* Kam-Fai are we branding this properly?
* Haizhou, yes there is a web page at AFNLP
ACTION Prompt the other SIGs to make web-pages and send reports (Francis)

* Robert to be replaced by Karin Vespoor
ACTION: prompt them to send the official mail. (Tim)

slides: Hiromi
* Keh-Yih: why so many at ANLP-AGM and so few at IJCNLP
* Hiromi --- it is cheaper, and in Japanese

slides: Hiromi

slides: Haizhou

slides: Jing-Shin (includes list of resources)

slides: Tedhu

4. Conferences:

AIRS: Kam-Fai
conference in Singapore this year; website upgraded
conference dormant; last one in US with low turnout (likely to remain so)
consider it merged with IJCNLP
journal (ICCPOL) switched to book series (World Scientific)
Pacling: slides (very small turnout at the last conference)
* maybe this should join with IJCNLP (Francis, Yuji)

Keh-Yih: smaller conferences should be a colocated event
Kam-Fai: maybe do this at 2015?
Francis: why have these sister conferences as colocated events
rather than joint?
* to get more participants
* to maybe make it cheaper
ACTION: invite subconferences to consider
co-locating with IJCNLP 2015 (Kam-Fai)

Indian Report (Pushpak)
* national conference coming in December
* also IR conference
* there are various shared tasks

5: Invitation to workshop from LREC (AFNLP)

* November (Paris) Yuji will go

6: Request for a new CL journal (Chu_Ren Huang)

* Open Access but indexed (through Cambridge, Springer, ...)
500 Euro/paper
Language and Computation
* How is this different from TACL? (Tim)
* Maybe more tightly linked to the conference (Kam-Fai)?
* CL is having problems getting papers (Pushpak)

7: Change of Constitution (Haizhou)

* added Members at Large (Yuji to appoint one more)
* Conference Coordination Chair merged with VP
* set up SIGs

7: Election Results

8: AFNLP presence at ACL-IJCNLP

* Yuji is the chair so will try to get a good balance of chairs
* maybe try for one from Asia, one elsewhere?

9: Active NLP members DB (Haizhou)

* hard to know who works on what: this can help people find resources
* DB now in Keh-Yih's company
* we need to settle on the criteria for membership
* maybe set up a membership committee to decide on criteria
* ACL 2007 was very unbalanced --- not enough Asian reviewers
* need a short list of active researchers
ACTION: members at large to come up with criteria
AFNLP membership
* Secretary takes care of the membership list
ACTION Haizhou pass it on (Haizhou, Francis)
* How are individuals members?
* we should probably out source this task (Haizhou)
* someone has to keep a list of members
* we need to set up a permanent secretary
ACTION set up a working group to discuss (Haizhou, Tim, Francis)
* Tim: ALTA just has a mailing list

10: ACL-Asian Chapter

* Sun Le applied for CIPS to join AFNLP (needs government information)
* currently no plans for a separate chapter

11. Other Business

* should we also reach out to other regions?
Maybe when they are organized enough to have a local organization.




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