Kick-off meeting (4/Oct/2000)
We had a kick-off meeting to discuss about a so-called Asian Federation of NLP, in the lunch time on 4/October/2000 in VIP room of Hong Kong Convention Center during ACL2000.

The participants

(The order is a counter-clock wise order from Prof. Tsujii as the participants sat down.)
participants (14)colleagues after the meetingcolleagues in this mailing list
Tsujii, Jun-ichi (Japan)Allan B. Borra (Philippine)Dominique Estival (Australia)
Iida, Hitoshi (Japan)Rachel E. Roxas (Philippine)Asanee, Kawtrakul (Thailand)
Matusmoto, Yuji (Japan)Su, Keh-Ih (Taiwan)Tsou, Benjamin (Hong Kong)
Rajeev Sangal (India)Wong, Kamfai (Hong Kong)
Huykhanh PHAN (Vietnam)Yusof Zaharin (Malaysia)
Chang, Jason (Taiwan)Nagao, Makoto (Japan)
Choi, Key-Sun (Korea)Tanaka, Hozumi (Japan)
Guo Dong ZHOU (Singapore)
Dekai Wu (Hong Kong)
Virach, S. (Thailand)
Cao, Youqi (China)
Zhou, Ming (China)
Huang, Changning (China)
Rim, Haechang (Korea)

Brief summary of the meeting

  1. We agreed with Prof. Tsujii's documents about creating an Asian Federation of NLP for our cooperation and loosely-coupled coordination of conferences and organizational activities, as attached in this message.
  2. We agreed with the necessity about the newsletter, web page as well as journal, cooperative project like Asian Wordnet.
  3. Prof. Tsujii mentioned about the language resource symposium in Japan, in the next January, that will be hosted by Prof. Tanaka, Hozumi.
  4. We agreed that one representative will be recommended to discuss about the next action after the participants discuss about our agreement with each country's related society. (Please mail to me.)
  5. Prof. Choi, Key-Sun will take care about the liaison of "Asian Federation of NLP."
  6. Other items of discussion:
    1. newsletter issue to introduce the local country's activities, events, and so on.
    2. web page
    3. international journal
    4. international cooperation project
    5. organization, secretariat to manage.
  7. Your suggestion and Announcements
    If you have
    1. your suggestion in this organization efforts,
    2. any event announcements in your region,
    3. regional representative or any other suggestion
    please send it to Key-Sun Choi.
    If you want to announce directly, please send it to
All of this information will be announced in the home page of ANLP (temporarily the acronym of Asia Federation of NLP).
Kick-off meeting (4/Oct/2000)